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Baby sneakers & stroller aprica

Baby sneakers

Baby shoes have a big effect on children’s growth. Many current products lack necessary foot support which can contribute to physical problems. Collaborating with Aprica engineers, we reconsidered the best features and proportions that promote the healthy growth and development of little feet. In addition to developing a functional shoe, another goal was to introduce the shoe in a simple and friendly way to young mothers. The sneaker series’ name “Jump” suggests activity, play, and freedom from uncomfortable materials.

Baby stroller

With the Tocco stroller, busy women can incorporate their young ones into their daily activities without feeling weighed down. Elegantly designed and engineered for one-handed operation, the stroller’s lightweight 8.3lb design makes it effortless to bring baby along on social and shopping excursions. Tocco gives mothers the freedom to focus on baby and themselves, without the burden of wrestling with bulky stroller.

Meaning “touch” in Italian, the “Tocco” line of strollers reflects this idea, with their luxuriously tactile fabrics. Also fashionable, the stroller comes with a complementary bag that attaches securely to the frame, or, when removed, becomes a convenient shoulder bag.

Client: Aprica
Agency: Water Design Scope
baby products aprica
baby products aprica
baby products aprica