Nao Tamura

microsoft oba-chan

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今、おばあちゃんはMicrosoft Excelにはまっている。Microsoftにあんなに夢中になっている人を見た事がない!私もコンピューターを習い始めた頃、ちゃんとデータを保存しなくて1日分を全部無くして泣いた事があるよ。おかげで今はちょっとの変更も保存するようになったけどね。。それにしてもいくつになっても学ぼうという気持ちはポジティブに生きるためにとても大切なんだなぁっと思ったよ。コンピューターを使ってくれるおかげで、ブログやメール等でおばあんちゃんとは日本にいるよりもコンタクト取れてる気がするもの。

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Hi Nao chan,

Yes, I’m addicted to the Microsoft Excel now. I’m sure I’ll cool off soon. At the moment I want to make a good Names and Addresses chart, which will have complete names, addresses, phone numbers and above all I can put in a tiny red mark to show that I have an additional comment. Anyway, I’m slow to understand and forget the instructions I learned a few minutes ago so I keep referring to the text book.. Very slow process. Today I made a few additions and changed a few lines and whew , an accident, half of my columns disappeared. Somehow by clicking here and there, I was able to retrieve the lost info, but when I tried to print it now all the lines disappeared. I’ll check into it tomorrow after my Yoga class and probably waste a whole afternoon. Will the lines reappear?? Wish me luck.