Nao Tamura

Design Miami/ Sun Shower

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We are thrilled to introduce installation for LEXUS called “SunShower”at DesignMiami.

Please come by if you are visiting Miami this week!

“Lexus has responded to the fair’s theme of “Elements: Water” by commissioning designer Nao Tamura to create an immersive, multimedia installation that evokes the wondrousness of this natural, outdoor phenomenon. SUNSHOWER was curated by Design Miami/ Curatorial Director Aric Chen and prominent Milan-based curator and author Maria Cristina Didero.

DEC 3-8, 2019

Preview Day
Tuesday, Dec 3 | Public Days/ Dec 4-8

Motion Graphics
Hiroshi Ouchi (Wow)

Technical Director
Yutaka Endo Sound:Aya Nishina