Nao Tamura

Matadero Madrid


DIMAD presents “JAPAN DESU”, a serie of exhibitions and activities that will showcase the creativity of leading Japanese designers and brands present around the world and that will take place at the Central de Diseño and Casa del Lector at Matadero Madrid.

“Activities will be carried out by experts who will bring the latest developments in the discipline to topics of interest to contemporary society: safe, connected and sustainable mobility for the cities of the future; architecture and design in Japan: graphics, fashion, product and interior design, video games, etc.

Among the featured guests are the Japanese designer based in New York, Nao Tamura; Giovanny Arroba, Senior Design Director of NISSAN, who will talk with Fabio Filippini, former design director of PININFARINA and independent consultant in Automotive Design; Cutu Mazuelos, CEO and partner of STONE DESIGNS.”

Please stop by if you are in Madrid!

Central de Diseño

7PM,8 November, 2022

Antonio Luna, editor de ROOM Diseño

Marta Alonso de Mayice