Nao Tamura

Visionaries: Making Another Perspective

I am honored to be a part of the exhibition “Visionaries: Making Another Perspective” at at Kyoto city Kyosera Museum of Art curated by Noriko_Kawakami.

“Since 2013, I have been working on the “Moment” series since along with glass manufacture WonderGlass. A name that has the subtext of “capture the moment”, based on the theme of “Water”. My first work in this series is FLOW[T], which captures a slice of the horizon line that forms the border between the land on which we live and the sea.

Each of these pieces has been made by a glassblower and workshop in Venice; a city surrounded by water where the constantly changing natural world can be experienced firsthand. Glass is a living material and if the maker does not listen to it and follow its inherent natural flow, it will break. As humans, our natural tendency is to master and control all that surrounds us. Glass lives a life of its own and the master must bow to its needs. I see the glass as a metaphor for man’s need to relinquish his mastery of the medium and learn to bend alongside of it, work with it and not against it.”

Photo: Koroda Takeru

京都市京セラ美術館にて3月9日より開催する「跳躍するつくり手たち:人と自然の未来を見つめるアート、デザイン、テクノロジー」 に参加させて頂きます。
WonderGlassと2013年から制作を続ける「瞬間を切り取る」という意味合いがある「MOMENT」シリーズ。その第一弾となったFLOWTを初めて日本で発表させて頂きます。企画・監修の川上典李⼦さん、米山佳子さん、設営・アニメーションを担当してくれたYutaka Endoさん、また関係者の皆さま、どうもありがとうございました。


Date: March 09, 2023 – June 4th 2023
Location: Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art