Nao Tamura

alight | salone satellite

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Alight is a lighting instrument inspired by nature and technology. It is lightweight and can be placed upon a thin tape formed to fit personal spaces in any shape you desire. Whether fixed to a wall, suspended from a ceiling or placed on a desk, “alight” enables you to create with a personal touch. To read, you need only one LED light which consumes just 11W of energy lasting 20,000 hours.

Customize your lighting experience from a single light to an inspired arrangement. Alight is light… according to your needs.

As a child, I loved the magic of the night in the countryside. A firefly emitted a delicate glow, creating a spiral of light and fading lines across the darkening sky.

Over time, our street corners became harshly bright. The canvas of darkness that allowed the firefly to paint with light is no longer. Male and female fireflies can no longer see each others’ glow. Their eternal attraction extinguished.

Our ambivalent yet wasteful habits of daily life consume massive amounts of energy and destroy not only small insects… but nature itself. The lesson is clear, a new consciousness towards energy must inspire a more personal and responsible approach to design. Too much light… endangers our life.

The firefly returns as inspiration. Introducing a personalized light in which you can choose its size and brightness according to your need. Our nights can be beautiful again while being responsible for the energy we share.

Year: 2011
Exhibit: Milano Salone Internazionale del
Mobile, Salone Satellite

(JP) 子供の頃、暗闇に手品のように光の線が描かれていく光景を見るのが好きだった。1匹の蛍は繊細な光を放しながらスパイラルを描き、複数集まればそこにはダイナミックな光の束が空中に描かれる。しかし、地球上どこもかしこも明るくなり、蛍の光を映し出した深い暗闇はもう見えません。私達の無意識な無駄使いが大量なエネルギーを日々消費し、小さな昆虫だけでなく、美しい自然を壊しています。一人一人が自分の消費に「意識」が持てるように、必要な大きさ、必要な光の量を選べる照明をデザインしました。