Nao Tamura


“Experimental lighting design studio WonderGlass celebrates its first appearance ar D’DAYS at Pasis at Palais de Tokyo. The striking installation, HORIZONT, presents two edition of the iconic Flow[T] lighting system by Nao Tamura. The group of 30 hand-finished glass designs creates a surreal, magical atmosphere with subtle colours and a dreamlike play of light that captures the imagination.”

FLOW[T]: The reflections of the Venetian cityscape glistening on the evening water hints at an imaginary city below the moving surface. There is a border between the world under and the land above. In the city of Venice, where the real world and fantasy coexists, this chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of dual worlds. “Flow[T]” is a contemporary chandelier inspired by the Venetian lagoon and customized to the desires of each owner. Each piece enjoys its own shape, and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting. Designed by Nao Tamura

Parais de Tokyo
13 Avenue du President Wilson, 75116 Paris
16eme Arrondissement

Metro: Ligne 9, stations Iena et Alma Marceau
Bus: Lignes 31, 42, 63, 72, 80, 82, 92
RER: Ligne C, Station Pont de l’Al

CLIENT: WonderGlass