Nao Tamura


“Bloomy Lotus brings modern design to olfactory traditions. Finding balance between Eastern and Western influences, Bloomy Lotus acts as artful additions to your home while creating calming atmospheres through soothing scents and soft lighting. Aroma diffusers and stylish homewares for those of discerning taste, Bloomy Lotus looks to enhance your daily life through beauty and serenity.

Pairing natural materials, such as ceramic, glass, and metal, the thoughtful design brings modern sensibilities to timeless elegance. Each diffuser’s shape can disappear into an interior or standout as a decorative art piece.”

CLIENT: Bloomy Lotus/ Pzhen
YEAR: 2017-2019
Branding Photos/
Art director: Edward Leida
Photographer: David Prince
Stylist: Hilary Robertson