Nao Tamura


“Drawing the eye with its pebble-like shape, the Sasso serving tray is durable as well as beautiful, the right balance between shapes and sizes, suiting the choreography of every table. With a definite nod to the “if a job’s worth doing” school of thought, the smooth rounded shapes are crafted from high-quality wood. Utterly charming in their basic linearity, looks aren’t this kitchen accessory’s only forte – Sasso can also be used for serving fruit, bread, or cheeses.”


Cutting, chopping, serving, a million years ago,
humans used one tool on which to perform multiple functions.
“sasso” is a versatile cutting and serving board,
inspired by the organic form of stone.

YEAR: 2015
OBJECT: Cutting, serving board
MATERIALS: Marble, Niangon wood, Bay Oak wood