Nao Tamura


Advancements in technology have contributed to the creation of modern conveniences and the general betterment of life. Unfortunately, as a result of some of these advances, we have have begun to neglect the subtleties and delicate balance of nature which we should continue to protect and hold dear.

“Sage” is a cordless task lamp inspired by nature and technology.

The underside of each leaflet is covered with 232 LED segments —a design inspired by the complex network of veins that run across the back of every leaf. Sage is embedded with a touch sensor, that one can adjust its light output in 4 increments to compliment a variety of occasions. Two types of LED segments were uniquely developed in order to generate a quality of light ranging from and replicating a candle like glow, to a bright luminous light that can bring out the colors in a meal or the brightness befitting reading.

The Sage’s two leaflets can be rotated to alter the angle of the light, the way the leaves of a seedling will respond to light— precisely bending as the sun moves across the sky. Positioning the lamps against a wall, their leaflets facing away from you and you can create an even more eloquent ambience inside the room. Single Sage enjoys its own shape, and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting artwork.

CLIENT: Ambientec
YEAR: 2019
CONTACT: ambientec

Light is the greatest symbol of life and hope and instantly becomes the most precious asset one can hope to have in the midst of a dark and desperate time. My homeland of Japan and where Ambientec is based, has historically suffered the misfortune of numerous blackouts caused by the after effects of devastating earthquakes. Fully charged, Sage can provide 150 hours of light without electricity. We would like to share Sage with people all over the world and hopefully, provide light in times of darkness.

VIDEO: Giuseppe De Francesco