Nao Tamura

seasons | covo

“seasons” is an interpretation of functional kitchen and serving ware, inspired by nature and technology, through the cultural lens of Japan.

Like a real leaf, each serving dish is flexible and multi-purpose. It rolls up for storage using the benefits of silicone to insure its use in an oven or microwave, able to withstand repeated dishwasher cleaning.

Each leaf enjoys its own shape, stackable in its open state, and in
multiples, creating a sculptural display of serving artware.

In the land where I grew up, spring is a time when Japanese sweets come wrapped in cherry leaves. In summer, a fiery ripe tomato is carved out for use as a serving container. In autumn, fallen foliage from maple trees decorates the dinner table. And, the aroma of bamboo create the setting for winter.

Just as winter is followed by spring, there are things that wither and are those born anew. Both truisms run deep and are able to move us from our core.

Is this the cycle that dictates life on Earth?

In design, a brand new object with nary a scratch, and an object weathered and distilled by sustained use, both have their place. An object which has ceased to be useful can be recycled to begin life anew, in a fresh form. We must remain conscious of this cycle that exists in nature, just as we are conscious of the cycle of seasons.

Year: 2010-2012 |

(JP) 冬の次に春が来るように、枯れていく物があれば、新しく生まれてくる物もある。モノもまた、傷一つない新品の良さがあれば、使い古され深みの出た良さもある。そして、使われなくなったモノはリサイクルされ新たな形となり生まれ変わる事が出来る。季節と同じように、私達はその自然のサイクルを意識し続けたい。その事を忘れないように、生まれたての葉と、枯れ葉をモチーフにシリカサンドからお皿を創りました。