Nao Tamura


In today’s world where low cost mass-produced goods abound and the old is easily discarded to make way for a new purchase, Ambientec has chosen to travel another path-the path of longevity and craftsmanship.

Ambientec is a Japanese lighting brand that was launched with a focus on professional diving lights. I was astonished by the brilliant colors of the fish illuminated in their light against the dark ocean backdrop. The precise craftsmanship and technology developed for this underwater equipment broadened the possibilities for an innovative design like no other.

TURN makes no compromise in its material selection. It is made from parts machined out of metal stock. In a single touch, you can feel the characteristics of the 3 kinds of materials: brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. Using Ambientec’s unique technology, it is a waterproof-cordless lamp embedded with a touch sensor, that one can adjust its light output in 4 increments to compliment a variety of occasions. Two types of LED segments were uniquely developed in order to generate a quality of light ranging from and replicating a candle like glow, to a bright luminous light that can bring out the colors in a meal or the brightness befitting reading.

CLIENT: Ambientec
YEAR: 2019
PHOTO/PRODUCT: LifeStyle/ Kai Daniel Hirao Product/ Hiroshi Iwasaki
PHOTO/LIFESTYLE: Giuseppe De Francesco
CONTACT: Ambientec


Light is the greatest symbol of life and hope and instantly becomes the most precious asset one can hope to have in the midst of a dark and desperate time. My homeland of Japan and where Ambientec is based, has historically suffered the misfortune of numerous blackouts caused by the after effects of devastating earthquakes. Fully charged, TURN can provide 150 hours of light without electricity, and is fully waterproof. We would like to share TURNwith people all over the world and hopefully, provide light in times of darkness.

VIDEO: Giuseppe De Francesco