Nao Tamura


In today’s world where low cost mass-produced goods abound and the old is easily discarded to make way for a new purchase, what does it mean to have an affinity for something? Doesn’t one’s affinity towards an object stem from extended use? Being able to use something for a long time, to have it as a companion, a part of your memory. Both TURN and TURN+ were born out of such reflections.

TURN collection makes no compromise in its material selection. It’s made from parts machined out of 3 kinds of metal stock: brass, stainless steel, and aluminum. The precise craftsmanship and technology developed for Ambientec’s underwater equipment broadened the possibilities for a waterproof-cordless lamp embedded with a touch sensor, that you can adjust the light output in 4 increments to compliment a variety of occasions.

Date: 2021
Client: Ambientec
Life Style Photo: Kai Daniel Hirao
Product Photo: Hiroshi Iwasaki

Light is the greatest symbol of life and hope and instantly becomes the most precious asset one can hope to have in the midst of a dark and desperate time. Fully charged, TURN+ can provide 500 hours of light without electricity, and is fully waterproof. I would like to share TURN+ with people all over the world and hopefully, provide light in times of darkness.