Nao Tamura


“Something practical. Something contemporary. Architect Toyo Ito envisioned something that would resemble fallen leaves floating on water, and with the sensual input from New York based Nao Tamura, it was masterfully brought to life by wood-turner Yasuhiro Satake. Colored an earthy brown resembling dead leaves, there immaculate, ultra-thin plates could be considered a masterpieces of functional beauty. When places inside of this case, fallen leaves floating on water suddenly transform into leaves dancing on the wind. Ito wanted to create something that one could use in ordinary life while still admiring such beauty.”

Toyo Ito / Architect
Yasuhiro Satake / Wood craftman
Nao Tamura / Designer

CLIENT: Toyo Ito Architecs
Take Action Foundation, Charity Gala
YEAR: 2015
PHOTO: Makoto Fujii